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Beautiful Art Pieces To Enjoy At ArtFair Philippines 2020

Images and text by: Bianca Salonga

Almost all pieces featured at ArtFair Philippines sold out only hours after doors opened for an exclusive preview for patrons and collectors. To a collector hoping to score the hottest piece of modern art, the words “SOLD” and “RESERVED” are pure heartbreak and pain. But this is more or less how conversations run during recent art events in Manila. It is, if anything, indication that the local art scene it thriving, evolving, growing and beginning to expand in reach. It also tells us that there is a market with both the capacity and the thirst to acquire local works of art.

The vernissage had been marked on the calendar as a day to immerse in works by some of the Philippines’ and South East Asia’s most relevant contemporary artists. It was in 2013 when Art Philippines premiered at the most unexpected location in the metropolis: a seven-floor parking building right smack in the middle of the central business district. It was a unique art event was intended to “mirror the vibrant local art scene and continues to generate support for Filipino art practitioners.” The projects on exhibit during the first year included Gabriel Barredo’s Asphalt, Ronald Ventura’s Watching The Watchmen and Norberto Roldan’s Mula Noon Hanggang Ngayon. Back them

Eight years in and ArtFair Philippines could just as well be the the biggest and most exciting art event in the country each year. On opening night and throughout the weekend of the event, you can expect a queue wrapped around the massive parking lot building. The kind of crowd that ArtFair Philippines draws in yearly is an interesting mix of art aficionados, seasoned collectors, neophyte buyers, design creatives and enthusiasts. Some even say that ArtFair Philippines has become as much a social, seen-and-be-seen type of affair as it is an event for immersing in the art universe. That can it generate interest and attention both locally and abroad hints at the success of the ArtFair Philippines initiative.

This large exposition has even expanded to feature exciting artists and galleries from all over Asia. There are stunning art propositions presented by Japanese, Thai, Malaysian and Indonesian creatives this year. I particularly enjoyed visiting gallery booths by our Southeast Asian neighbors who enthusiastically shared information on their local modern artists on their roster. Works of Japanese female artists were particularly inspiring and refreshing to the eyes. They merge elements of hyperrealism and distinctive brand of delicate refinement characteristic of Japanese culture.

For 2020, over 6o exhibitors fill the space with their most exciting installations. ArtFair special features which were curated by Norman Crisologo include works by Neil Pasilan (a favorite for years now), Jamie de Guzman, Roedil Joe Geraldo, Jellyfish Kisses, Gene Paul Martin and Carlo Villafuerte.

A retrospective exposition of works by the late Onib Olmedo is a must-visit. It is a compendium of drawings, sketches and other masterworks that “highlight the influence that Olmedo exerted on a good number of artists working today.”

Gallery booths like Salcedo Private View, Silverlens, Eskinita, Secret Fresh all tell a good narrative of local contemporary art this year. You might even be lucky to come across the artists or curators who put together their collections for this year’s. And just as you think you’ve had enough art to last you a lifetime, a last stop on the roof deck will take you right into the mystical world of Rodel Tapaya. A show done in collaboration with Hublot, Tapaya exhibits four murals inside a special glass enclosed area on the topmost floor of the venue. It felt like the fitting way to end an entire Thursday evening at ArtFair Philippines.

An entire day is barely enough to fully immerse, absorb and explore this ArtFair universe. Some spend the entire weekend, coming back the next day for new pieces that galleries might hang. Before you head out to the biggest art event this year, here is a quick look at some of the most inspired pieces that you will find: [refer to link below].

BPI Gold, Platinum and Visa Signature credit cardholders who wish to witness Art Fair PH 2020, get access when they present their credit cards upon entrance.

For more information, please visit the Art Fair Philippines and follow Art Fair Philippines on Instagram. This event will run from February 21-23 at The Link carpark, Makati City, Metro Manila, Philippines.



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